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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Hungry Traveller.

Combining my two most enjoyable, and but costly penchants in life; travelling and eating well, I endeavour to give you, the reader, a small taste of the globe.

This blog explores the food and culture of the places I've been lucky enough to visit and imbeds the cuisine in its own cultural context.  Food speaks to cultural identity; however there are many factors to consider when investigating the food of other cultures. There is a sense of ownership and loyalty to the host; however cuisine is a shared reciprocity. Themes in which I hope to uncover through my blogs are:

What is the role of the travelling Gourmand? Are they a voyeur upon cultural culinary traditions or are they ever able to immerse themselves fully into foreign food?

Is the sharing of food and culture always a positive act? 

Do time and distance improve the quality and nature of food?

Does authenticity matter in the culinary voyage?

By globetrotting different cultures through their food, I hope to explore the way in which different diasporas cuisines are able transcend race and heritage whilst retaining cultural identity. 
Keep wandering. Keep Scoffing.

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